Balance and Ear CenterYour first appointment with us:

Please have your newest valid insurance cards, and photo ID ready for us to scan into our system. You can either complete our new patient forms by printing them out or on our patient portal. Currently your insurance information and financial information are not available online, so you will need to complete and sign them. Completed new patient forms can be faxed to 804-283-1043, emailed to (non-hipaa compliant) at least 48 hours prior to appointment or bring them to your appointment.

Audiology testing appointments.

Because of the limited number of sound booths and other equipment restrictions, it is important to arrive on time for your appointment. When we schedule your appointment, we are also scheduling the equipment needed. If you arrive late, this could cause other patients to wait for the equipment availability.

All appointments:

All patients are asked to sign our Welcome Sheet form for every visit. We need you to verify all the information listed in order to properly bill your insurance company.


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