Fred T. Shaia M.D. 

Fred ShaiaFred T. Shaia, M.D. trained as a resident physician in Ear, Nose, and Throat at St. Luke's Medical Center in Cleveland Ohio and completed his residency training in 1969.  After completing his residency, Dr. Fred Shaia was invited to enter into sub-specialty training as a fellow at the prestigious House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles.  He was fortunate to train under the direct supervision of several of the pioneers of ear surgery during his fellowship, and witnessed the development of acoustic neuroma surgery, surgery for Meniere's disease as well as early cochlear implantation.

Dr. Fred Shaia with patient.Fred T. Shaia, M.D. entered into private practice in Richmond, Virginia in 1972 and is the founding father of the Balance and Ear Center. He has provided dedicated and focused care for patients with complex ear conditions for Central Virginia for over 45 years.  Dr. Fred Shaia is also credited with performing Virginia's first cochlear implantation in 1980. He has been extremely active in supporting the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery over the years with research presentations.

Fred T. Shaia, M.D. has dedicated his entire professional life to patients with hearing and balance conditions.  His practice is limited to caring for patients with vertigo and balance conditions, as well as patients with skull based tumors and hearing loss.   Patients seeing Fred T. Shaia, M.D. can rest assure that he brings a lifetime of experience and dedication to helping them and others with their ear problems. 



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