Visit Our Patient PortalRequesting Refill:

From the home page of the patient portal click on the word PRESCRIPTIONS in the light gray menu going across the top of page. The right side of screen will display a list of prescriptions our providers have written in the past for you and the left will show the preferred pharmacy you have listed. Directly below the pharmacy address is a link to change your preferred pharmacy, if this is no longer your pharmacy or you are out of town. 

To request refill:

    • Simply click mouse in Request Refill box
    • Type in a reason for the refill
    • Click on the Submit Request button.

Dr. Shaia's assistant will get the message that day and will call you when the prescription is ready. Please allow 48 hours for us to reply.

To Change Pharmacy:

    • Simply click mouse on Change my Pharmacy
    • Put a check mark demonstrating you have read the consent and click on agree
    • Click on EDIT to the right of Patient Overview
    • Click on the minus sign next to the pharmacy you wish to remove
    • Click on Add/Search Pharmacies
    • Enter a zip code or a phone number and hit the SEARCH PHARMACY button and list of approved pharmacies will appear.  Click Add next to your desired pharmacy and then OK at the bottom of the screen.

Requesting Appointment:

You can request an appointment for Drs. Wayne, Fred Shaia, your Audiologist, or our Nurse Practitioner. From the home page of the patient portal click on the word APPOINTMENTS in the light gray menu going across the top of page.  A list of your upcoming and previous scheduled appointments appears. Click on BOOK NOW
To request an appointment:

    • In the Select A Calendar field from the down arrow menu click on your provider
    • Directly below the office location and map, click on an Appointment Type you are scheduling.
      • For Drs Shaia and the Nurse Practitioner, the only appointment type available on the portal for the moment is “Established Patient”. This apt type is for patients who have been seen by any of our providers in the past.
      • If you would like to see your Audiologist about a hearing device (aid) concern, you should choose the appointment type VHC
    • Please type in a short but specific reason for the appointment
    • From the Calendar field, choose your desired date; the portal will provide a list of appointment times available just to the right of the calendar.
    • Click in box next to your desired time
    • Finish request by clicking on REQUEST APPOINTMENT found on the bottom right of page.

This will create a message to our scheduling coordinator.  They will either call you to get more information or send you a confirmation message back.  Please give us 48 hours to respond.

Sending a message to our office:

From the home page of the patient portal click on the word MESSAGES in the light gray menu going across the top of page.  This section works similar to all other email systems.  By picking the type of message the system will direct the message to the correct employee.


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