Does your child suffer from recurrent ear infections?


TubesToday, the most trusted, easy and efficient way to resolve your child's ear infections.


For children with recurrent ear infections, placing ear tubes is a common answer to a very annoying and potentially dangerous problem. TubesToday allows your child to be evaluated by a qualified, Board-Certified, experienced local ENT specialist and have their ear tube placement procedure performed, all in ONE day. At no additional cost, TubesToday eliminates scheduling delays and long waiting room frustrations, making your busy schedule less hectic. Simply put, this is a quicker way to achieving your goal of living life without ear infections.

TubesToday arranges for ear tube placement to be done the same day as your visit with the ENT surgeon, streamlining the process and getting the ear tubes placed quicker and with less hassle at no increased expense to you or your family.

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