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Virginia Hearing Center

earThe Virginia Hearing Center prides itself on working closely with the physicians to identify patient hearing loss and possible need for hearing aids. We specialize in state-of-the-art digital hearing aid devices. Virginia Hearing Center carry's a variety of brands and multitude of hearing aid styles.

Custom fitting and modern diagnostic testing insures a good match between the hearing-impaired patient and their hearing aid. Our staff invests heavily in keeping current with new and exciting technology giving us the ability to provide the best possible solutions for all your hearing loss concerns. We offer solution for bilateral hearing loss, Tinnitus, Unilateral hearing lost, Sensorineural as well as Conductive. In addition, the treatment of unilateral and conductive hearing loss with the BAHA System is also readily available when indicated.

earOur professional staff is comprised of a highly skilled, experienced team of audiologists, who have earned recognition for their outstanding dedication in this field. We take pride in appropriately diagnosing the different forms of hearing loss and when necessary recommending the correct type of hearing aid.

We are committed to providing the highest quality, dignified care for our patients, and to advancing the understanding of hearing loss and implementing the appropriate treatment.


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If you:

  1. Find yourself saying "what did they say" a lot
  2. Limit your phone conversation because it has become frustrating to understand the other person
  3. Think that most people mumble or frequently misunderstand what others are saying
  4. Have your television up as loud as it can be set
  5. Can not distinguish where a sound is coming from
  6. Often miss calls or the doorbell ringing

earThen come in and get a free hearing aid evaluation.

For more information on our services, please call us at 804-288-1314 to speak directly with one of our well-informed Audiologist. You are also welcome to request a “VHC” appointment via our patient portal.ear










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